What Exactly is Mindfulness?

Most of us function on autopilot. We are not completely in the moment and are missing out on various connections that might be passing us by. This switched off mode of the mind leads to many regrets and negative thinking patterns. This leads to us reacting quickly or having only a limited perspective on things. It restricts our way of life.

The default mode is not ideal

Our default mode of autopilot does not have to be the way of life. There are different states of being. The main characteristics of mindfulness are attitude, attention, and intention. Attitude is to be curious and gain empathy, attention is what happens in the current second and intention is to be aware of our surroundings.

How to practice mindfulness

A typical practice is to sit quietly and breathe in and out. Ignore the unintentional thoughts and prevent yourself from getting lost in the thoughts. There is no single way to practice. Just sit in a comfortable position and hold your attention steady. With practice, the skill level would improve too. Slowly, you will find yourself getting rid of the negative thoughts and gaining a new perspective on life.

Why is it important to practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness enhances not only our performance at work but also our health. It helps the practitioner explore their inner self. It reduces our stress and helps us get rid of cloudy thinking. In fact, there was a study performed that reduced the inflammatory response in the bodies of those who practiced it for 8 weeks.
Anxiety cases are at an all-time high right now. Mindfulness helps overcome these issues and reduce depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Mindfulness assists us in resisting addictive behavior and acting on our urges. It boosts our empathy and understanding while decreasing our overall stress levels.
Being aware improves our capacity to empathize with others and fosters the development of loving and compassionate thoughts. It contributes to the creation of a positive environment around us. Mindfulness enhances every part of our existence. We sleep and work better, and our relationships with people around us improve. It dismantles the poisonous thought processes. But, in order to do all of this, we must first create a timetable and allow it some time to work its magic. Patience is essential. With time, you should see the amazing effects that mindfulness can have on our lives.