Mindfulness- The Hidden Key
For Social Change

Mindfulness therapies or cognitive exercises often seem a part of a lengthy medical treatment. However, if we notice how they affect the patients, we might just notice how social and cheerful they finally become! Does it then mean that mindfulness can develop our social character? Can it be a general concept we can apply to all? Here is an insight into how a change in our individual thoughts can bring a social change.

What Is The Intention Of Social Change?

Change in self behavior is more of an individual aspect, whereas social change seeks a massive development on the whole. As the world now expands with diversity in people’s thoughts and lifestyles, we often find collective systems failing to operate harmoniously.

A social change required here is to bring commonness and understanding between ourselves. And what else than mindfulness therapies can help to explore our mind and surroundings to develop analytically? We need to spread awareness and direct our approach with more humanity rather than seeking material profits and temporary fame.

Rather than fighting to highlight one’s emotions, society needs to understand the overall change and evolve dynamically with it. A change intended on a bigger platform can only be possible with added efforts of every individual.

Is self-mindfulness effective for a collective social change?

If you or I start meditating today, how come it will reflect as a global change? When everyone strives hard to improve and connect with self-awareness, the positive vibes and aura automatically influence the entire tribe. If we practice mindfulness in our daily life, at home and workplace, here are a few changes we can expect to witness globally.

• Improvement in productivity

A business, social community, or even a group like charitable trusts need to implement mindfulness at large. The more the workers find themselves on a similar platform, get over their hierarchical ego and work for the cause, the more they can see the change quickly.

A common understanding improves strategical thinking and resource management to develop more from the available. It may be a community, country, or workplace, but as every man starts thinking with a broad prospect, the integrity and productivity soon expand.

• Our relationships will enhance

Modern globalization plays a major role in bringing different groups together for the same purpose. Unmatched opinions usually lead to misunderstandings and disputes amongst us. Developing mindfulness at every step of life, say when we walk, talk, eat or even work with others, we can socialize and integrate with others.

• More socialization than self-indulgence
Addiction and isolation are a great threat to this society. When we value solitude more than socialization, we react with a stressful mind rather than responding with patience. Practicing mindfulness therapies in workplaces and societies helps us indulge in group activities, explore our role as social creatures, and change to step out into the open world.

Thus, this is how powerful mindfulness can become a strong social change agent. As simple as yoga is an everyday task for many of us, the world can soon develop with better mindfulness programs implemented as a general routine everywhere.