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Mindfulness in the News Update - March 2017


'Meditating mice’ reveal how mindfulness training can reduce anxiety - Daily Mail
‘Meditating mice’ reveal secrets of mindfulness training - New Scientist
Meditators Have Younger Brains - Mindful
Mindfulness Shows Mixed Results for Older Adults' Well-Being -
Mindfulness under the microscope - doesn't work for everyone - Australian Financial Review
Meditation Can Benefit ALS Patients -



Forget the hangover, under-25s turn to mindful drinking - The Guardian
How your sex life can be improved with mindfulness - The Independent
How 'the sultana exercise' can help you lose weight - The Independent
Expert reveals how mindful eating can help YOU lose weight - Daily Mail
Study: Mindfulness mitigates rejection fears and destructive behaviors  - PsyPost
6 areas of your life that could really benefit from mindfulness - Irish News / also
How to eat mindfully: 7 ways to stop mindless munching, and lose weight -
10 mindfulness hacks to live a more successful life - CNBC
Mindful moment… Silence your inner cynic - Irish Independent
How to Be Mindful Sitting in the Dentist Chair - New York Times
How to Be Mindful if Your Flight Is Delayed - New York Times
How to Be Mindful on the Subway - New York Times


Studies suggest mindfulness boosts concentration, decreases stress - Detroit local TV
Research indicates mindfulness is a trendy strategy that actually works - Education Dive
Faced with outsized stresses, these Baltimore students learn to take a deep breath - PBS
Schools Use Mindfulness to Reform Student Behavior - Huffington Post
University of Wisconsin students, staff encourage practice of mindfulness - Daily Cardinal
A mindful approach to attention seeking in children - The London Economic
How to Sustain Your Child’s Natural Mindfulness -



Mindfulness Meditation Helps Quell Negative Thoughts, 'Monkey Mind' - Forbes
Seven top tips for increasing employee motivation - We Are the City
Mental health, mindfulness, and business - IoD News
Five Minute Mindfulness Fixes - Virgin Entrepreneur
How to Be Mindful at Your Desk - New York Times


Mindfulness, meditation helping elite athletes on and off the field - ABC News Australia


Digital & Tech

It’s Time to Keep Calm and Change Our Relationship With Technology - Fortune
The founder who built the addictive game Moshi Monsters wants you to be less of a slave to your iPhone - Business Insider
Inner Explorer Announces Mobile App to Connect Parents with Classroom Mindfulness Programs Proven to Reduce Student Stress and Improve Performance - Yahoo Tech

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