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Mindfulness in the News Update - April 2016

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and the Evidence Base

Summary of meta-analysis of MBCT, including a 45-minute podcast interview with Professor Willem Kuyken about the evidence base for mindfulness, safety in mindfulness and mindfulness in schools.

Also reported in Huffington Post UKThe TelegraphThe Independent, and 43 more places.

Randomised control trial of MBCT plus continuing anti-depressants vs. MBCT and anti-depressant discontinuation. More participants experienced depressive relapse having discontinued antidepressants. See article below for a discussion of this study and other evidence for MBCT in context.

Paper compares the percentage of mindfulness studies with positive outcomes to the expected percentage of mindfulness studies with positive outcomes, on the basis that the authors believe mindfulness-based interventions to be less effective than individual therapy. The authors report that there is a higher percentage of studies with positive outcomes than they expected, and therefore conclude that there may be a publication bias. Nevertheless, they say in the discussion, "We cannot rule out several different explanations for why we found so many positive trials. One explanation is simply that we cannot be sure that the effect size that we used as a reference point was indeed an accurate estimate or that it overstated likely effectiveness, as we believe. Second, it may be the case that heterogeneity in study effects could have contributed to the high number of positive studies. Finally, it may be the case that reporting biases played an important role in this."

Safety in Mindfulness and Personal Accounts

Willem Kuyken and Ruth Baer discuss safety in mindfulness and what we know so far.

A call for personal stories, “for better or worse”.

Michael Acton Smith writes, "The next step for me is combining my two passions: creating stories that promote mindfulness for children. I worry that these days most kids don’t have a moment of peace."

Elizabeth Sparkes writes, "Meeting our emotions, our hurt, and even our joy isn't something to rush, it's about gentle practice. We all want to feel at ease, and in order to feel at ease letting go is the way forward."

Celia Walden writes, “The fundamental idiocy of turning to the iTeat to cure every modern ill caused by technology is both depressing and hilarious.”

Mindfulness, the Military and PTSD

Original research article (King et al., 2016)

"It's kind of like the oxygen mask analogy in an aircraft," Macaulay said. "We are always asked to secure our own oxygen mask before securing others. I'm trying to teach the members of my unit to take care of themselves. Mindfulness is one way of doing that."

Mindfulness in Education

"We need to work harder on inclusion, on socialising our children, and helping families stay together before taking them too far, too early on the journey within."

Joanie Terrizzi writes, "It has been tremendously rewarding to witness the impact of mindfulness on emotional regulation in the face of a highly stressful situation."

Vice Chancellor at Buckingham University, “For every successive year medical students study, their mental health declines. Yet these are the very people who will be looking after the nation’s bodies and minds.”

Mindfulness in the Workplace

A commentary by Edwin Ng and Ron Purser on the ethics of mindfulness as self-care in the workplace.

Mindfulness in Sport

Responding to pain in sport rehabilitation and staying focused while playing sport.

In Other News

“Who is that authentic self you think you have discovered really? It’s a snapshot of you at this one moment in time.”

“The Epic Burger chain produces ‘a more mindful burger,’ because lettuce, tomato and Epic sauce weren’t enough.” Also contains a brief mention of the APPG.

“Economic theory generally assumes that more consumption means greater happiness. This post puts forward an alternative, ‘less is more’ perspective based around the concept of mindfulness.”


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