Mindfulness in Scotland

The purpose of the Scottish NHS Mindfulness Project is to make Mindfulness-Based therapy available to NHS patients in Scotland suffering from depression and other conditions. Over the past few years, this project has been funded and supported by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), the body responsible for all NHS training and teaching. This has enabled the development of a national strategy to train and support relevant NHS professionals to deliver MBCT groups.

As a result, all 11 mainland Health Boards now have regular mindfulness courses run for clients with recurrent depression and other conditions. This is not, as yet, sufficient to meet the clinical need and so development is continuing. This has been achieved by developing a training pathway for staff involving teacher development after a minimum of one year’s personal mindfulness practice. After extensive experience of running courses for clients, teachers can train to be supervisors and trainers of teachers. Each Health Board has a mindfulness lead, with most now able to run their own teacher training programme.