Mindfulness In Policing

People are filled with dread and fear when to comes to policing. Somehow, the image of the police and administration department had been tarnished for being brutal and rude. This is because there have been instances where the general public had been brutalised by the police force that is sworn to protect them.

These instances also include unfortunate events where the victim met his death because of the use of excessive force by the police. The marginalised and racialised are specifically targeted and feel particularly threatened by the police.
These acts of violence against the less represented were condemned and the police department witnessed a backlash from each section. It was believed that the scale of equality will now become equal in reality. Several changes were done by the police department in making police officers more compassionate towards people. Mindfulness was introduced as an effective strategy to make policing more responsible.

Police officials have expressed their concerns over some missing aspects of police training that should have been included a long time ago. For instance, exercises that reduce stress and help police officials control their impulses can deescalate unfortunate encounters.

A person suffering from prolonged stress and pressure can feel a little overwhelmed and take rash decisions. Mindfulness can help police officers avoid and get influenced by the implicit and confirmation biases that persist. Also, many mindfulness teachers focus on finding the root of the bias and eliminate that by addressing the underlying fear.

Police officials have suggested that mindfulness can transform how policing operates now as it generates feelings of compassion in a person. They become aware of themselves as well as the feelings of others. Mindfulness evokes kindness and honesty in police officers. It is a transformative experience having the potential to change the perspective of a person towards life.

Police officers exercising mindfulness are not impulsive and take rational and calculated decisions. Police officials have also expressed concerns over how they are treated by their superiors internally within the department. Mindfulness can change it all.

Fatigue and constant pressure can wreak havoc on sleep schedules. Too much adrenaline can tax your brain cells and you can feel anxious, angry, and agitated even at the smallest of issues. Meditation can take your mind off all the worries and let it take the rest it needs. It helps in regulating mood swings and let the person have more control over expressing their emotions.

Police officers can be more professional and less personal in their conduct towards people with whom they deal in their line of duty. A police officer is a representative of the state. Distrust of people towards a department that is supposed to protect them can cause lawlessness in society.

Mindfulness is now introduced at the level of tactical training when rookie police officers are also made to practise mindfulness exercises. It is done to ensure that it comes into their daily practice. Humans are hardwired to solve problems with violence. Mindfulness takes off the mind from there are make them feel focused and solve the problem without any bias or judgement.