UK Conference 2019


Mindful World: Connected Conference

UK-Ireland Mindfulness Conference 2019

Saturday 23 March and Sunday 24 March 2019



Sussex Mindfulness Centre and the Mindfulness Initiative are organising a mindfulness conference on the weekend of 23 and 24 March 2019 to coincide with the South African mindfulness conference.


The theme of the UK-Ireland conference is Mindful World, exploring how mindfulness and compassion allows us to connect with what we have in common as human beings, bridging the divides we see around us in the current climate.


The conference will include a livestreamed keynote talk from the South African conference from Jon Kabat-Zinn and livestreamed guided mindfulness practices led by Rebecca Crane and Mark Williams.


The conference will be held across a number of sites in the UK and Ireland, using digital technology to connect together across UK and Ireland sites and connecting with the South African conference. In this way, we are using modern technologies to connect together across regions and across the globe as a way of sharing our common humanity. By hosting the Mindful World conference across a number of sites will allow the conference to be accessible and affordable for those who may otherwise struggle to attend a centrally located conference.


Sites for the Mindful World UK-Ireland conference


Brighton, Hove, and Sussex 
Northern Ireland
North Yorkshire/Leeds
With other sites potentially to follow.


Conference Programme

Saturday 23 March

Each UK-Ireland site will link by live video stream with the mindfulness conference in South Africa, including a discussion with Jon Kabat Zinn and a keynote talk from Ruth King. We will have presentations and workshops from local mindfulness teachers and researchers and opportunities for networking.

Sunday 24 March

We will have a day of guided practice or experiential workshops in each local site, linking in with the South African conference at the beginning and end of the day for a shared practice led by Rebecca Crane and Mark Williams.


The cost for the conference will be nominal as we want to make it as accessible as possible (exact cost to be confirmed).


Booking will be done through Eventbrite and will be available shortly.