Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

Mindfulness does not work instantly like regular pain killers. But they help in better management of the pain while hastening the healing process.

Pain cannot be defined

There are three major kinds of pain, namely, physical sensations, emotional sensations to situations, and social effects. Though mindfulness may not help in reducing the severity of the pain, it changes your approach to it. It lessens your fear and be more accepting of your situation.
It is tough to prove the effects of mindfulness on paper as to how someone reacts to pain is different. There are certain obvious aspects in which being mindful improves our situation. They decrease our reaction and repetitive thinking patterns while increasing acceptance of the pain. It also enables us to be more flexible and prevent overthinking our situation.
The people who practice mindfulness regularly help us be compassionate to themselves and live in the present. Also, it helps relax overall. Though there is limited research, mindfulness has been shown to reduce the intensity of pain.

Here is the mindfulness technique for managing pain


Prepare your body for the practice by choosing a comfortable place to lie down. Turn off all your distractions.


Ensure all of your body is in touch with the surface and understand the various areas where you might feel some tension. Focus on softening those areas for total relaxation.

Be in the present

Let go of your fear about the future and the trauma of the past. Focus your thoughts on the present and make friends with your mind. Develop a mentality where you do not treat the painful part of your body as the enemy.

Scan your body

Be attentive to every part of your body and notice any warm sensations. It might be the surface touching your skin or any muscular tension. Progressively, shift your attention to various parts of your body.

Be aware of your body

Remind yourself that you are a part of the loving universe that wants you to heal. Feel that positivity in every inch of your body. Believe in yourself that you can heal.

In conclusion

This helps increase our pain tolerance and change our attitude towards the pain. It will help alleviate the emotional toll too, that chronic pain can have on it. There are no side effects to this technique. The only effect that you would experience is the positive one. So, practice mindfulness every day to invite positivity into your life.