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Mindfulness in Society 2017 Conference

The Mindfulness in Society Conference runs from July 7th to 11th and highlights include:

  • Full-day of Practice with: Rebecca Crane & Willem Kuyken
  • Keynote talks from Richie Davidson, Willoughby Britton, Gregor Henderson plus a Keynote Symposium by Willem Kuyken & Paul Gilbert
  • Pre-Dinner talk followed by Q&A with Jon Kabat-Zinn via video link
  • Full-day workshops with some of the best known authors and teachers in the field including; Diane Reibel & Don McCown, Paul Gilbert, Willoughby Britton, Kate Malleson with Ross White and John Teasdale

On Saturday 8th July the Mindfulness Initiative is hosting a symposium session titled "How might mindfulness transform society’s suffering – and how could teaching (and teacher training) evolve to better do so?"

Location : Crowne Plaza - Chester, UK
Contact :